In Commemoration of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

Tiananmen Square

As the ladies with their babies
Look outside to Tiananmen Square,
Bullets are sprayed and many do slay
The protesters who are lined up there.
Men with rifles wish to stifle
The resistance that’s building everywhere.
As people look on they see the throng
Being gunned down in Tiananmen Square.



Another Rejection

This will be a short one, but since I got a rejection letter today, I thought I’d share it with all of you. Not that this is my first rejection letter. I’ve gotten them for every single poem and short story that I’ve sent out to date. I haven’t counted them up, but I’m nowhere near the 100 I feel that I need to receive before my stuff starts getting published. Plus, contests are notoriously hard to win, even though they guarantee that the winning poem/short story will be published.

So, I sent three poems last month to the Al Savard Poetry Contest. The letter I got today announced the poems and authors that won first, second, and third prize, as well as an honorable mention. No, I did not get an honorable mention, either. Since most rejection letters merely say that your work “did not win,” I did appreciate the fact that this form letter explained the reasoning behind choosing the winning poems. I hope the poems are good. There’s nothing worse than reading something that won an award in a contest you entered, and feeling that your work was ten times better, kind of like most of the poetry I’ve read in the New Yorker. Maybe my taste in poetry is too classical to love the “deep meanings” of the prose-filled dribble that invest many of the poems in that magazine. Not that I haven’t read poems that are good, or even astounding, in there. But, with a year’s subscription from several years ago that I’m still reading (got three months or so to go!), I’ve only come across two poems that moved me, and maybe a handful more (by a Nobel Prize-winning poet, no less) that I enjoyed reading. Then again, that magazine no longer supports unpublished writers: all of the stories and poems in that collection are from published figures looking to promote their latest works.

The most frustrating thing, perhaps, is that contests prove nothing by the losers. In some cases, it proves nothing by the winners, either. I mean, books that win the Pulitzer Prize are usually good, but great books are great regardless of what prizes they don’t win, and awful books are awful regardless of prizes they do win. So my not winning these contests only means that the judge liked other poems better than mine–and in poetry, that can be a very subjective thing.

I still have two more contests to hear from, so maybe I’ll at least get an honorable mention for one of them. All I can do is continue to write and submit, write and submit.

Welcome to My Blog!

Hello everyone!

For my first blog entry, I thought I’d let you know what this blog will be about and a little bit about myself.

First of all, I’m a thirty-year old male still living at home with his parents. *Sigh.* But, I did live in Japan for three years, so from the time I graduated college to now, I’ve been here for five years, which is probably four years too long.

For the past five years or so (longer if you include the outline, shorter if you start from the independent rewrite I did while in Japan), I have been writing a novel. I also published a poetry book a few years back and am working on another collection, though I’m trying to get some of those poems published independently in magazines in order to create a groundswell of support for the collection before it comes out. Unlike the first one, I’d like my second poetry collection to be published through a respected third-party publisher (the first one was through a self-publisher/vanity press, depending on what you want to call it).

I’m maintaining this blog primarily for literary pursuits, meaning that anything to do with my novel and poetry will be posted as a blog entry. I think I can manage one blog every week–maybe more, if I have a really exciting week. Also, anyone interested in buying my first collection of published poetry (and so far only collection), Digging Up the Past: Poetry from High School (1994-97), can follow this link to the Connecticut Poetry Society’s website, under Member News:

Until next time!