The Coming Age

I had a very different post planned, one which dealt with the superfluous and the personal. But then the election results were called (except in alternate-universe land, where even Fox News dared not to tread — except in their talk shows). And, of course, the historic press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping took place, which continues to be a gift to comedy. So, as a privileged, straight while man, I thought I’d talk directly to other privileged, straight white men with an analogy:

In The Lord of the Rings, the Fourth Age (the Age of Man) comes about because men, with little help from the other races of Middle Earth (never mind the hobbits with the ring), were able to face Sauron by themselves, and by extension, the elves felt they were ready to take over the world from them. Also, the elves were aware that their power was fading, so this seemed a good trade-off.

In the same way, minorities who voted in this election proved that the people who hold power in the U.S. aren’t the white class currently in power, but everyone else. Even though 70 million people voted for fascism (and smaller numbers re-elected their foot soldiers), millions more who voted against this power structure were African-American, Native American, LGBTQ+, and Latino, who had to put up with four years of awfulness that most of their white counterparts avoided, as well as hundreds of years of oppression caused by their white counterparts.

White men have been in power in this country since its founding. Like the elves, it’s time for us to relinquish our power to this cross-section of America who helped secure the victory for a white man who wishes to serve all Americans (and knows his job is to smooth the transition between white men currently in power and the younger, more diverse generations who follow) versus an orange shit-stain who only serves himself, though that’s unfair to shit-stains and the color “orange.” Whatever power remains to us should be used to lift up people who have had power denied to them for centuries.

One final analogy between LOTR and modern politics: I mentioned the hobbits, who kept to themselves and weren’t as tempted by the ring as were men, dwarves, and elves. Not wishing power for themselves, Frodo and Sam agreed to destroy the ring out of a sense of duty. In our current pandemic-filled world, these people are the essential workers. In the election, they were the overlooked Native American vote, which helped swing several states to Biden, including Nevada and Arizona. And, to carry the analogy further, if Drumpf is Sauron and Pence the King of the Nazgul, McConnell is Gollum, but with fewer redeeming qualities. And we all know what happened to Gollum when he tried to get the ring back.

Author: Greg Salvatore

Writer. Voice Actor. Humanist. Feminist.

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