Good Riddance to 2016!

2016 sucked.

No, it wasn’t as bad as the year humans almost went extinct (c. 72,000 B.C.), or when the Black Plague carried off a third of the population of Europe (1348) {source for both:}, or 1919, when the flu killed more Americans than died in World War I (half a million versus 116,516) {source: Ibid and}, but it still sucked. And since I haven’t written on this blog since March (and that post dealt with a subject that sucked), I am going to make up for lost time by writing about all the ways that this particular year sucked donkey balls.

Famous People Died!

Sure, they die every year, but this year seemed worse. From Leonard Cohen to John Glenn to…David Bowie? Carrie Fisher?! George Michael?! Prince?!!!! What the fuck, 2016?

Other People Died!

Just look at my last post. And yes, technically she died in 2014, but I didn’t find out until last year so I’m giving credit to 2016.

Bob Dylan won a Nobel Prize in Literature!

For some people, this was the worst news ever, because Dylan is a musician, not a writer, except that he writes his own lyrics, and those lyrics are profound, but they are nothing without the music, which is just chanting with notes, and….yeah, I thought it was pretty cool he won, too.

Drumpf pitched his campaign to the lowest common denominator, and white supremacy, and misogyny…and won!

One could argue that 2017 will really be the year that sucks, when our narcissist-in-chief is sworn into office, but this could also be the year he’s impeached and removed from office, which gives us…Mike Pence. Still, it starts with the election, which Drumpf won through a combination of Russian meddling, FBI meddling, fear, voter suppression, low voter turnout, and an electoral college that is made up of the party faithful, instead of independent electors, as the Founders wished. And this in the year that Hamilton became a smash musical on Broadway.




And yet, a lot of good happened last year, too — much of it in the way of science. From irrefutable proof of gravitational waves (Einstein proven right again!) to the eradication of measles in the Americas — though my personal favorite is the brokering of a peace deal in Colombia, ending decades of bloodshed. And yes, that peace deal was rejected by the Colombian people (or rather, the fewer than 38% of them who bothered to vote — sound familiar?), but a new peace deal was drawn up the following month and will be sent to Congress, instead of being voted on. {source:}

So, in the context of all human history, not to mention all world history, 2016 wasn’t that bad of a year. It just felt that way.


Author: Greg Salvatore

Writer. Voice Actor. Humanist. Feminist.

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