Goodbye, Egyptian!

12. Goodbye, Egyptian!
The curtain closes on the Egyptian Theatre

When I moved to Seattle, the first theater I saw a movie in was the Egyptian.  Used to large movie chains like Regal and Showcase Cinemas, I was amazed at the size of the one-screen space.  And it had a balcony, too!  The movie was An Education, which made a star out of Carey Mulligan.  I even wrote about the experience here.  Today, the Egyptian Theatre will show its final film, the appropriately titled Before Midnight — for indeed, the theater will usher its last patrons out shortly before midnight tonight.  I saw the film on Saturday.  On hand was the general manager of the Egyptian for 19 years, here on her last night.

In a way, both films describe what the Egyptian meant to me.  My film education in Seattle started with An Education, and Before Midnight describes my movie-going habits.  Unlike the Neptune Theatre, which ended its run as a Landmark Theatre with The Green Hornet (in 3D – ick!), the Egyptian gets to go out on a great film.

I don’t know what will happen to the theater after tonight.  Seattle Central Community College owns the building, so perhaps they will turn the space into classrooms.  If not, maybe it will continue to be used as a festival venue for the Seattle International Film Festival.  All I know is, from festival films to year-round programming, the Egyptian Theatre will always remain one of my favorite movie theaters.  Here then, in order, is every single picture I ever took of, and in, the Egyptian Theatre:

11. The Line for I Am Love12. After the Movie1723. The Director of the SIFF Festival24. Edward Norton Gets His Golden Space Needle Award252627. The Stage is Set for the Q & A28. The Egyptian Theatre2930. Tom Tangney Interviews Norton31. Tangney, Norton, and an Ear3210. At the Egyptian11. Not messsing around!13. Greenaway introduces his film1415. Post-film Q & A67. Programmer Dan Doody, director Kieran Darcy-Smith, and actress Felicity Price for WISH YOU WERE HERE68

Landmark - Seattle - Mozilla Firefox.bmpSo long, Egyptian!  Thank you for the many enjoyable hours I spent in your seats, and for the less enjoyable ones, as well.


Author: Greg Salvatore

Writer. Voice Actor. Humanist. Feminist.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Egyptian!”

  1. Oh, that’s such a shame! But what an excellent note to go out on.

    So you saw Before Midnight! I saw it a few weeks ago too… Sooo… *cough* any thoughts, any thoughts, any thoughts?! Hehe, not that I want to know or anything… 😉 Though you could be planning a post about it for all I know.

    1. No blog post planned, but I have a feeling that people’s reactions to these films rely heavily on how old they are and where they are in their relationships. Before Sunrise captures the mood of young love, Before Sunset captures a more realistic view of love, and Before Midnight shows the struggles relationships go through as people grow and mature together. Like the previous films, the mood of the latest film reflects the mood of its characters, who are older, wiser, and have had to deal with more reality than their younger, more innocent selves. It’s my least favorite of the three films, but that is more a reflection of me and where I am in my life than a commentary on the quality of the film, though I did think the first two films had stronger endings.

      1. I definitely agree. In fact I remarked something similar to my friend after we saw the film (about how which your favourite of the films is can depend on where you are in life).

        I wonder if we’ll be seeing them again in 9 years? 🙂

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