Ebertfest, SIFF, and My Two Year Anniversary

Dusk in Seattle

I know many of you (some of you?) are still waiting for the rest of my blog posts from Ebertfest.  Don’t worry, they’re coming. I’ll also be posting from SIFF, though I’ll be posting a separate entry for each week, instead of for each film.  The main reason for doing it this way is because I’m seeing more movies this time around, which also means I’m volunteering more, which equals less time to write about each film than I did last year.  This week, in particular, is insane.

Today alone, I am watching three movies, and one of them (La Dolce Vita) is three hours long (which I saw this morning with a nice, big crowd).  Through Saturday, I am watching at least one film a day. I get a bit of a breather on Friday (though not from movies) because I don’t work (though I do have afternoon plans).  On Saturday I’m scheduled to volunteer AND see a film, which also isn’t too bad (though I may be administering tests instead of volunteering–I’ll find out about that this week).  On Sunday, I’m volunteering and seeing TWO films.

All of this means that you may not be seeing many posts from SIFF until it’s over, though I’ll try to get impressions from week one up next weekend, if possible.  For more up-to-date news on my exploits during the festival, follow me on Twitter (@litdreamer).  I’m using the hashtag #SIFF2011 on all comments concerning the festival, almost all having to do with the films I’m seeing.

Finally, today marks the second anniversary of this blog.  Though I’ve been on WordPress a little less than a year, I started this blog with a post on Blogger on May 30, 2009 (which you can read on my WordPress blog here–and if you want to buy a poetry book, you can do so here, since the information included in that first entry is no longer correct).  Since then, I’ve grown my readership considerably, from a handful of people to about 40 regular readers.  Of course, when Roger Ebert tweets a link to my blog (as he has done twice), the numbers are a bit higher.  More than the numbers, though, I’m glad that the same people who began following my blog at the beginning continue to follow it now, just as I have done with their blogs.  Don’t know who they are?  Their names are in my one year anniversary post, and I can’t thank them enough for sticking with me, even when my writing was less than great, or my topics concerned subjects that didn’t interest them.

Finally, for those of you celebrating Memorial Day, let’s not just remember the soldiers who fought and died, nor the families who suffered, but everyone who has tried to make this world better than it was then when they came into it.

Including writers.


Author: Greg Salvatore

Writer. Voice Actor. Humanist. Feminist.

One thought on “Ebertfest, SIFF, and My Two Year Anniversary”

  1. Met to say this the other day–good for you for blog anniversary! Also, it was nice meeting at you Ebertfest!

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