Three Short Poems

 Come, come, come to me, bees

Go, go, and lick the trees

Bare their souls to heaven below

Rip and maw their bodies whole

Now go, go, go to the sea

Away, away, away from the trees



Asinine, brandywine, huckleberry hop

Cool lips, fresh tits, swaying as they pop

Cool lime, pantomime, interstellar travel

Evil looks, brown hooks, hoe the ground fallow



The breeze blows cool and fresh from the sea

A light fragrance graces the sumptuous air

Wafting through silence, through surf, through trees

A smell of herbal evanescent hair

Bow to the master, your mistress, you leaves,

Bow to your mistress, you fortunate trees

The bees, the sea, the leaves, the trees

Bow down to your mistress in Galilee.


Author: Greg Salvatore

Writer. Voice Actor. Humanist. Feminist.

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