Christmas and New Year’s Memories

1.) The new scanners at Seattle Airport were not being used.  Once I got through security, I saw Santa Claus arrive on a motorized cart and say hi to a child who had just gone through security.  Then, two elves came up in another cart.

While waiting for my flight, a group of carolers–two men, two women–dressed in Victorian garb, sang Christmas carols in harmony.  Gotta love Seattle.

2.) Saw a Christmas concert with choirs from numerous churches perform.  Went with my sister.  She had wanted to go every year, but hadn’t been able to.  Concert was free, though (of course) they accepted donations.

3.) Saw my nieces in their Christmas pageant.  One was an angel, the other was a lamb.  So cute!  Gave me big smiles as they walked past, and sometimes big smiles from the front.  After they got out of their costumes, dove right for me to give me hugs.  Also got to see all their stuff at their house, and numerous surprise hugs throughout the day.  They can both read simple words now, and read me several of their books from school.

That night, my brother and his girlfriend came home–two nights early–as a surprise.

4.)  My dad always talked about fixing up the cellar when my siblings and I were children.  Now, approaching retirement, he has.  He told me the lesson is to never give up on your dreams.

5.) Met Zhu Zhu Pet babies “Buttercheeks” and “Snicklefritz.”  My mom and I laughing so hard we were crying, when one of my nieces explained that you can’t shorten “Snicklefritz” to “Snickle,” since his full name is Snicklefritz.

6.) One of my friends cooked one of my best friends and me dinner.  Unfortunately, her husband had to pull us out of their steep icy driveway using rope.  Steep driveway+ice=fun times 😉

7.) Loved seeing my nieces’ faces as they opened their presents, especially when they both opened gifts that they really REALLY wanted.  Never seen them so excited before.

8.) Got to eat at a Japanese restaurant with my mom, see The King’s Speech with a friend, and hang out with my sister and her family.

9.) Saw a UConn women’s basketball game with my dad, the first game since the streak was broken.  Villanova didn’t stand a chance.

For the first time, going home for me felt like a visit, rather than a return.  And every time I go home, my parents look older.  If life were represented by a day, they are preparing for sunset, my siblings and I are living under the afternoon sun, and my nieces are enjoying the sunrise.  My parents will soon exit the stage, to enjoy life from the wings.  While my brother and sister perform onstage, I’m still trying on costumes in the dressing room, and my nieces are watching from the audience, waiting for their chance to perform.

But soon, soon, I will find a costume that fits, and then the stage shall be mine.


Author: Greg Salvatore

Writer. Voice Actor. Humanist. Feminist.

9 thoughts on “Christmas and New Year’s Memories”

  1. Good to hear that Seattle isn’t implementing the “naked scanners.” I actually took a long car ride for my break to avoid the ones around here.

    I haven’t really been back to CT (I’m a native as well) since I moved out to PA, but it’s still lingering. (Curious as to what theater you saw KING’S SPEECH in…)

    I really like the extended metaphor at the end. Makes me think about the circle of life in an entirely different way.

    Sounds like you had a great break. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

    1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, too, Nick!

      SeaTac Airport has the “naked scanners,” but they weren’t in use when I flew home.

      I saw The King’s Speech at RAVE Cinemas, which have replaced all of the Showcase Cinemas.

      Finally, I’m glad you liked the metaphor. Both metaphors are oldies but goodies. 🙂

  2. Aww, sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. 🙂
    (Oddly, this post made me wish I had some nieces [or nephews]. But I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. Not sure my older sister would appreciate any hints in that direction. 😛 )

    I also loved the metaphor at the end! I’ve been thinking about aging a lot. (My maternal grandparents are moving from the house they’ve lived in for 50 years to be closer to their daughter, my mother. I’m glad they’ll be close but still, it makes me sad how old we are all getting.)

      1. Oh, I know. I have deep respect for old age. It just makes me sad to see my grandparents becoming more fragile in body and mind. But I am thankful that they are still alive and doing pretty well.

        I had quite a lovely holiday, thank you for asking! It was filled with laughter and craziness. 🙂

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