I grew up with snow.  It often snowed in Connecticut, though I only remember it snowing once before Thanksgiving.  That was a bad year for snow.  Even when I have to shovel it, though, snow always makes the day more fun.  It’s difficult to do normal grownup work on that day, but it’s a good day for reading, or cleaning, or writing.

It doesn’t snow often in Seattle.  We get rain.  Depressing, drizzly rain.  Cold and rain don’t mix well together.  They make the landscape dreary.

Today it snowed in Seattle.  It snowed a little bit yesterday, too, but it didn’t stick.  This morning, I woke up to white stuff on the ground.

And the snow continues to fall.   Here then, are my observations:

1.) Went out in the early afternoon to mail some documents to the unemployment office.  A good-sized line there, but not as bad as some lines I’ve stood in to buy Christmas gifts.  On the way back home, I noticed a bird near the entrance to the UW Bookstore, hopping on one foot.  It must have injured itself in the snow.  Poor thing.

2.) Snow let up for a little bit in the early afternoon.  I noticed that Jayne, my recently married friend, was on Facebook.  Ate my lunch, then talked to her on Skype.  She had today off.  Snow started coming down heavier outside as I talked to her.  Not snowing in Brisbane.

3.) Had to buy some food and (more importantly) get some quarters to do a wash.  Luckily, I can get them at the same place.  Saw some kids building a snowman in the park as I headed to the grocery store.  It had been cold that afternoon, but with the sun going down, it was now blistery cold.  And there was a stinging wind that whipped up snow pellets every now and again.  Wished I was wearing a sweater.

Took it slow going to the grocery store.  On the way back, saw cars stopped at the bottom of a hill.  One car tried to turn around and come back down the hill.  A bunch of college kids helped push him.  Then, another car sputtering to make it up the hill.  Same college kids helping to push him up the last part of the way.  Tomorrow’s high is only supposed to be in the 20s.  I expect driving conditions will be worse tomorrow.  I still have some hot chocolate that my mom sent me last year.  Tonight and tomorrow sound like good days to have some.

Now, it’s beginning to feel like the Christmas season is upon us.🙂