The Imagined Rememberings of My Youth

Actually, this post has nothing to do with its title; I just thought it sounded cool. Maybe someday, I will find a story worthy of it. Or is it a question? In that case, the answer is: fiction. Fiction is the imagined rememberings of my youth, though it could also be the imagined predictions of my future. And yes, I could use the word “remembrances” instead of the made-up word “rememberings,” but let me ask you: which word sounds better?

If literature is about sound (or, at least, a large portion of it), then photography is about sight.  What is blurry, what is in focus.  What is shown, what is not shown.  How colors are arranged.  How people are arranged.  How nature is arranged.  The best thing about photography, though?  If you have a creative mind, but can’t draw, you can create the same kind of effect in people with photography as you can with paintings, except that photographs must contain the real world, not matter how bent and twisted to one’s whims, whereas paintings have no such restrictions.

Sunset in Capitol Hill

My brother can draw; I can take photos (of course, he can take photos, too). Picasa helps me to correct some of the flaws that come with a snapshot taken from life, though some of my best photos, at least with regards to nature shots, don’t need touching up, as the play of light that the lens captured is already correct.  Often, all I have to do is straighten it, or crop it a little closer.  Sometimes, I have to do nothing at all.

Sunset at Golden Gardens

As you can see from these photographs, I love taking pictures of sunsets.  Sunrises, too, though I’m often not up early enough to take pictures of them.  And, if I focus my lens on the sun, I have to protect it, somehow, when the light gets brighter.  Watching the sun rise in Tenby, Wales, during my semester abroad in London, I placed one of my sunglass lens over the lens of the camera.  Those photos, however, and all photos before I went to Japan, were taken on a regular camera, not a digital one.  From early 2006 on, all of my photos have been taken with a digital camera.  Even so, most of them still reside, on disc,  in my home in Connecticut, which is why all of the ones you will see here were taken this year.

Sunset on Greenlake

The ones above are not in order, but the final two photos that I’m going to share with you are the latest nature photos I have taken.  I took them on Thursday of last week–a mere three days ago.  I was eating at Ivar’s Acres of Clams, at the food shelter (not the restaurant), when I saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.  I straightened the second photo in Picasa.  Otherwise, I haven’t altered anything:

Sunset on Puget Sound
A Closer Look

Photography and cooking: just two of my many hobbies.  And, to be honest, I wish I had more of them.

(Note: you can zoom in on the photos by clicking on them)


Author: Greg Salvatore

Writer. Voice Actor. Humanist. Feminist.

6 thoughts on “The Imagined Rememberings of My Youth”

  1. If you can use language to paint a story as well as you used color in these photographs, you will be turning out best sellers. I do like “remembrance” more than your made-up word, however. Herman Wouk’s “War and Rememberings”?

    1. In other contexts, “remembrances” is the better word (who thinks Rememberings of Things Past sounds better than Remembrances of Things Past, anyone?). However, in the narrow confines of my title, I feel “rememberings” sounds better, though I think a case could be made for either word. On the other hand, I prefer “lit” to “lighting” in almost all cases.

      But, before I ramble on too much more, thank you for the double compliment!

  2. Ah, sunsets… I love sunsets on a secluded beach. I don’t get along too well with crowded beaches. Thanks for the great photos!

    Now, I happen to be very fascinated at the way coined terms work as well as how words affect our ears and feel…

    To break the two words down:
    (1) Re-mem-be-ring
    (2) Re-mem-brance

    “Remembering” has a lighter, more subtle feel than “Remembrance” because the third syllable in Remembering starts with a “b” sound while in Remembrance, a “br” sound.

    However, and I must say this is just how I hear it, “-ing” has a more abrupt ending sound than “-ance”. “-ance” has an echo attached to it at the end while “-ing” doesn’t.

    So, if I were to make up my own word for this, I would choose a combination and go with Rememberance. The ONLY thing that bothers me about Rememberance is the excessive appearance of the vowel “e” (4 out of 12 letters in that word.)

    Sorry for my lengthy rambling on picking the word 🙂 I’m just very amused by this, you know.

    LD: Not at all. You explained my word choice better than I could. It’s all about how it sounds. And I agree: “rememberances” is better still, despite the overabundance of ‘e’s.

  3. I can only draw and take mediocre pictures. It is very frustrating being in the middle of both of these things since I can usually get my point across but not as well as I would like.
    So, I try to capture things with my words. Which also can be very frustrating, but extremely satisfying (as I’m sure you know).

    I really like your pictures! I never cease to marvel at sunsets…

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