The Power of Positive Thinking (And a Little Help From My Friends)

I believe in luck. I also believe you can create your own luck, bend the will of the earth to suit your purposes, and accomplish anything for which you have the means and the drive to accomplish.


I believe in luck.  I also believe you can create your own luck, bend the will of the earth to suit your purposes, and accomplish anything for which you have the means and the drive to accomplish.

Case in point: I found out earlier this year that one of my best friends, who lives in Australia, is getting married on August 21.  At the time, I wasn’t employed.  It’s very possible, in fact, that I had just been let go from a job.  In other words, it didn’t look as if I could go.

But then, somehow, in ways that I don’t understand and never want to understand, the universe responded to my plea.  That, and I know from experience that when things start getting difficult, or even impossible, it means that I’m close to being successful.  In other words, I knew I was close to achieving my goals when my goals looked to be the furthest away.  I got another job, then quit that job and wondered if I had done the right thing.  It turns out I had, as I got my current ESL teaching job soon after, while working on the census.

But then, I wasn’t getting a lot of hours at work, and the trip was in jeopardy, again.  I asked for people to send me luck.  I sent out positive vibes.  I also knew that summertime is when we usually get the most students at my school, so I hoped that would be the case in June.  It worked.  I got the hours.

Next hurdle: asking for time off.  I was the first to ask for time off at that time, so even though I would miss the first day of the session (something that can only be done once a year), it was fine with the director of my school.  But I still needed luck sent my way, for official permission hinged on finding someone to sub for me on those days.

I first sent out an email to all of the subs.  Then I sent it out to everyone.  One of the teachers, perhaps deciding not to work that session, said she could cover every day for me–except for the first day.  So when I asked some of you on Twitter to send me luck yesterday, it was to find someone to cover that first day for me.

I didn’t expect it to work so quickly, however.

Now all I have to do is turn in my time off request sheet, with the names of the subs and the hours they will be working on it, for final approval (tentative approval was given when I first asked for those days off).  I’ve already bought my electronic visa, and my friend and I are both looking at places where I can stay that aren’t too expensive.

So,  to all of you who helped to shift the balance in my favor, thank you!  And my friend thanks you, too.  😀

Author: Greg Salvatore

Writer. Voice Actor. Humanist. Feminist.

6 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Thinking (And a Little Help From My Friends)”

  1. Fantastic! Where in Aus are you heading? I may be able to help with some travel tips.

    LD: Thanks for the offer! I’m heading to Brisbane. My friend (the one that’s getting married) is organizing a whale-watching venture before her wedding, but other than than, my week is open, and while I’ve been to Brisbane before (to visit that same friend), I could always use suggestions on where to go or what to see while staying there (or, most importantly, where to eat :-)).

  2. Haven’t been to Brisbane…but if you have a few days, I would suggest heading to Gold coast, which I’ve heard amazing things about but didn’t have enough time to go. Or if you’re up for a bit of hike definitely check out Melbourne. Sydney is closer, but I loveeeed Melbourne.

    LD: I briefly checked out the Gold Coast on my last visit there, which also took place around mid-August (that is to say, during their winter). There was a really cool… well, it’s hard to describe, but it had mazes and crazy lights and giant glowing rubber balls and was just…cool. Also, I got to go up the tallest building on the Gold Coast (for a fee, of course) and had a glorious view of the surrounding area. Isn’t Australia beautiful?
    I have a friend who lives in Sydney right now, and another one from Melbourne (currently teaching English in Indonesia), so perhaps, next time I visit…..:-)

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