A Poem Inspired by Walt Whitman

We reveal something of ourselves in these blogs,
Something of what makes us laugh, cry, sing, be silent.
Something of what we believe, hope, feel, dream.
We hold back truths, we offer lies,
We hold back lies, we offer truths.
Some things we keep secret from others,
Some things we keep secret from ourselves.

So we live, bleed, pray words,
So we cry, sing, say words.
Words are our refuge, our escape, our making sense of the world.
We live in words, words live in us,
Worlds of words
Clawing through us, trying to break free,
To be free, to be read
By others out there,
By the others out there.
Waiting, watching, for what we say next,
Write next, intone next, shriek next.

Madmen on mountaintops,
Shouting through the wily winds,
Shouting to be heard, to be listened to, to be noticed, to be recognized.
A song in no key, in all keys,
Pulsating with rhythm,
Pulsating with sound.
We hope someone will hear. Some do hear. Some will never hear.
And so, shouting, we hear our echoes and believe that others
Are replying, when it is our words overlapping our words.
Sounds drowning out sounds.

And yet some do hear,
Some do listen,
And they reply,
And we listen,
And we reply,
And they listen.

For, in the end, the words,
Our words,
Their words,
Are all that matter.


Author: Greg Salvatore

Writer. Voice Actor. Humanist. Feminist.

5 thoughts on “A Poem Inspired by Walt Whitman”

  1. Excellent. The best poem I’ve read about the meaning of blogging; and now that I think of it, the only one as well. Keep them coming, your modest and foreigner fellow blogger says to you.

    P.S: Thank you for adding my page to your blogroll. It’s an honor.

    LD: You’re welcome. I notice that you also follow Sunset Gun, The Flick Pick Monster (Nick Duval), and (of course) Roger Ebert’s Journal. I suggest you check out my sidebar for more great blogs to follow. 🙂 And thanks for adding me, too.

  2. This poem is really great! I agree with the above comment, I’m not sure I’ve ever read any other poetry on blogging. But you have, indeed, captured the essence. Well done! 🙂

    LD: 🙂

  3. Nice poem. Forgive me for not giving a more involved reaction, but I am rather sleepy, and the books I’m reading are of the mind that I will stay as such for a while now.

    LD: You’re forgiven. 🙂

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