Welcome to My Blog!

Hello everyone!

For my first blog entry, I thought I’d let you know what this blog will be about and a little bit about myself.

First of all, I’m a thirty-year old male still living at home with his parents. *Sigh.* But, I did live in Japan for three years, so from the time I graduated college to now, I’ve been here for five years, which is probably four years too long.

For the past five years or so (longer if you include the outline, shorter if you start from the independent rewrite I did while in Japan), I have been writing a novel. I also published a poetry book a few years back and am working on another collection, though I’m trying to get some of those poems published independently in magazines in order to create a groundswell of support for the collection before it comes out. Unlike the first one, I’d like my second poetry collection to be published through a respected third-party publisher (the first one was through a self-publisher/vanity press, depending on what you want to call it).

I’m maintaining this blog primarily for literary pursuits, meaning that anything to do with my novel and poetry will be posted as a blog entry. I think I can manage one blog every week–maybe more, if I have a really exciting week. Also, anyone interested in buying my first collection of published poetry (and so far only collection), Digging Up the Past: Poetry from High School (1994-97), can follow this link to the Connecticut Poetry Society’s website, under Member News: http://ct-poetry-society.org/membernews.htm

Until next time!